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Born in rural Texas, Samantha has traveled extensively. Shen she was small her parents traveled to England where she started pubic school as a young girl. Later her family moved to France, New York, Missouri and now she resides in Los Angeles. She's held jobs as diverse as law librarian to college professor to government worker. She has a BA and Writer's certificate from UM-St. Louis and a Master's degree in Communications from Webster University. She's co-authored books for Publications, Intl. as well as having many numerous published magazine articles. She enjoys attending Women's Literature and Fiction Writing groups to review current books and to discuss writing with her peers.

Writing has been Samantha's passion since she was a schoolgirl. She has done legal writing, news paper and magazine writing, but her favorite is the freedom she experiences with creative writing, especially a good mushy romance story with plenty of twists and turns. Some of her upcoming work will include some scary paranormal romance stories, another favorite genre of hers.

I'm currently working on a contemporary fiction story full of drama, suspense and intrigue. Due out later this year.

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